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Shakti was established around 2002 (the actual date is shrouded in mystery) as Wesleyan’s South Asian Student’s Association with the mission of contributing to the diversity of the Wes campus with South Asian culture and maintaining an alliance with all other identity groups on campus. It is committed to emphasizing the social, political, and cultural aspects of the South Asian diaspora through lectures, cultural events, and fundraisers. Through the collective effort of the group, we engage in consciousness raising activities designed to strengthen our ties to one another. The key to our goals lie in our community. Having a strong community means having a bond among all the members of the community. Ten years later, not much has drastically changed, but the group has evolved. Members of Shakti are proud to be part of more than just an ethnic identity group on campus, but an outlet for any and every student interested in, passionate about, or involved with South Asian culture. We strive to create an fun environment for students to learn about and partake in cultural events like our annual cultural show Samsara, the Shakti Formal, and Holi, among others.

In line with our mission statement, we give the proceeds of one of our larger events, usually Samsara, to an organization that benefits countries in South Asia. In the past we have supported MINDS, The Pakistan Flood Relief, and Brighter Dawns, among others. Members spend time together bonding and learning more about South Asia at Shakti potlucks and Bollywood movie nights. Through our activity on campus, we hope to unite the Wesleyan student body with exposure to our favorite cultural events and activities.
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Usdan 108
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Kimberly Singh
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Arpita Vora
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